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The David Deen Mailing Lists will ONLY be used for notification of new art postings (Webpage Updates) and/or for news about the artist (IMPrint Newsletter). We do not distribute the list and we try to limit mailings to a reasonable number.

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Mailing Lists available:

All Available Lists -- For those wishing to be on all the mailing lists below.
Webpage Updates -- Recipients will be notified of updates to the website including the posting of new artwork, contests, surveys, articles, and similiar items. We will not email about minor changes or the status of individual pieces. (Email sent approximately once a month)
IMPrint Newsletter -- This is the newsletter of David Deen Art. It will include updates on the artist's activities as well as articles and stories that may be of interest to his general fan group. Publication is not on any regular schedule but rather as relevant information becomes available. (Email sent approximately 2-3 times a year).

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